Hello World! A new grad’s guide to coding as a team

About a year ago, the official Atlassian blog published my piece “Open letter from an @ignored test”. I am proud to tell you now that this fake letter of sadness and despair written from a forgotten automated test’s point of view has made it to the amazing “Hello World! A new grad’s guide to coding as a team”, a compilation of good advice for new graduate developers (and seasoned developers too) coming from the Atlassian workforce.

So, if you want to sympathize again with a poor old @ignored test that needs some attention to sort out its flakiness, while remembering that tests are code too, they have bugs and need proper design and maintenance, download the ebook and go checkout page 20:

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 18.19.59.png

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201: Created

Well hello.

A brief note of introduction to myself and this blog: my name is Mauri Edo and I’ve been working on the software quality field since 2008. It all started wth manual testing and it has interestingly evolved to quality engineering, which is what I plan to write about in here, with a heavy focus on test automation and CI/CD.

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See you around!

— Mauri